The Rainbow Dreamer Code

My Favourite Rainbow Picture

My Favourite Rainbow Picture by marylane CC

We are the Rainbow Dreamers.

For eons as huemain kind* we have been co-creating a both dark and light version of reality, therefore manifesting and living in a polarized duality.

Now is the time for us Rainbow Dreamers to imagine and thus co-create a Rainbow Version of reality into being.

In our version we remembered, that there is still no light without dark, yet a small light diminishes the dark.

The light still looks only white, yet it is made up of all the colors, and even in the dark there are colors – they are just temporarily invisible.

There is still both passion and peace, both stillness and emotion, both order and chaos, yet now all of this occurs in a field of curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

We as Rainbow Dreamers are now seeing ourselves and the world around us in all the colors of a rainbow, even the so far invisible ones.

We are now perceiving all life in rainbow colors, and that is helping us raise our vibration in quantum leaps.

We are now dreaming both ancient and new rainbow ways into being.

The whole box of crayons (Found on Facebook)

The whole box of crayons (Found on Facebook)

Dreaming involves all creative and co-creative endeavors such as writing, singing, dancing, painting, designing, cooking, sewing, drawing, humming, sculpting, inventing, remembering, drumming, building, and of course imagining plus many other ways.

We are now dancing with both the light and the dark and the dark and the light to a music all can live by.

We are now singing and drumming and playing brighter rainbows into being, thus remembering new ways of making all the colors of our world more visible.

We are now imagining balance into being

  • between the bright young ones and the wise elders,
  • between the dedication to family and the call to a craft,
  • between taking well care of self and generous service to others, and
  • between all the genders including the Two-Spirit People*.

We are now writing a language of love, compassion, and joy into being, thus co-creating ancient ways of living in harmony with and on Mama Gaia.

We are the Rainbow Dreamers.

This piece was inspired by the following posting:
It had gotten me thinking, and I realized, that for me being a Gray Jedi is still being part of the white/black dichotomy.

I also realized, that I am now ready, willing, and able to transcend that dichotomy, and imagine a life of color.

This going from a black and white and gray world to a world of  color was definitely inspired by Kryon, a consciousness channeled by Lee Carrol.
Kryon had mentioned, that color is coming for the first time in Israel in Tel Aviv at the closing of the Tour in 2015.
Then s/he said the following just a few days later in Kelowna, BC, Canada on 27/28FEB 2016 in the the “New Systems Channeling”:
“In a world of black and white, color is coming.”
When I first played with these concepts, I stayed within the Star Wars analogy. But quite quickly that original premise morphed into a whole new way of looking at what we are doing as 5D beings.
This piece of writing quite surprised me, because I have already been spending hours rewriting and rethinking and re-imagining these concepts – as if I KNOW, what this is supposed to look like, and all I need to do is go over it again and again and again.
The above piece is the result.